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Multifunctional Makeup Palette

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O.TWO.O Newest Multi-functional Makeup Palette CHEEKS & LIPS &EYES 3 IN 1

Selling Point:
♥ 3 in 1 lipstick blush eye shadow, easy to get same color makeup.
♥ High cost-effective, spend money for 1 lipstick get CHEEKS & LIPS&EYES makeup.
♥ Lightweight texture, matte fish, long lasting and non-sticky.
♥ Natural and moisturizing
♥Small and portable
Due to the difference in the display screen, the lipstick you receive may have a slightly color difference from the picture , it is normal, hope you can understand.

17 reviews for Multifunctional Makeup Palette

  1. Carla Poole

    Quality item arrived quickly and well packed.
    I am convinced by this product. It is applied to the lips, cheeks and eyelids with a finger for an immediate good appearance. Very natural appearance, it is very convenient, cheap and easy to carry. The box is small and you have to slide the lid to open it.
    I would like to particularly thank the seller for his friendly. When I ordered, I indicated the wrong address. He responded to my message immediately and corrected my address.
    Thank you

  2. Yuvraj Wolf

    Shipping from your side was fast, but it seems that there was a problem in my country and it was a little late, but everything arrived perfectly.. Thank you.. I will buy again

  3. Branda Goshorn

    Shocked at speed. Product dark color in the box but on the skin orange color

  4. Anacleto Adornetto

    It is perfect for tinkering and as a moisturizer, the color is very cute and the consistency super soft, I loved it!!!

  5. Patty Balser

    I loved it, it took me a while to arrive, but the product 100% recommended

  6. Moriya Masanobu

    Yay! Got them! It smells good and looks so cute! I chose 4 (top) and 6 (at the bottom). In the first two picture of my lips, I used #4 on my bottom lip. You can’t see the real shade on the picture, it’s a bit darker in reality, but very close to my lip color and that’s what I wanted. On the third and fourth picture of my lip, I used color #6 on my bottom lip. Sadly not matter where I was, the picture couldn’t show the real colors. It’s more visible. Anyway, I enjoy it. If you’re looking for a natural makeup, then this is one of the best options.

  7. Lanie Edwin

    Juge yakisna cosmetics!-I did everything, it was packed with a double class, everything came with a set and packaging, and cosmetics. Number of vidpovidaom dissnosti. The most daring smell and texture. The term of appendages to 2026 rock is also important and good. Pre-sales by putting gifts!-a circle with children. A seller for a car.

  8. Ira Forster

    Delivery 1,5 me through the Ministry of Industry. The packaging is zvichay. In the road a cosmetic bag-those that require the product itself in a metal box. Texture of creamy, nizhna, with a small smell, blistiki. Pislya testuvannya-for the next day vidguk. The rest to be matched. Glory to Ukraine!

  9. Starr Lheureux

    Tone 06-warm light red shade. Semi-transparent after blending. Gives a light color (on light skin) and a glossy shine if used as a blush. On the cheekbones it is dry on the pre-moisturized skin. Color is not visible on the lips at all. Did not quite understand this product. I liked the similar product in the stick more.

  10. Devon Huntoon

    Cool product, all short to apply thick foam for makiyazhu, ale and fingers, more comfortable format, reception

  11. Shante Dezern

    The smell is nice, the expiration date is fine, I will try)

  12. Savannah Brotherton

    The texture is good, without an unfetal smell. the color is not more than the nature of ale garnishes, I recommend

  13. Lakisha Mullenix

    Thank you, I liked everything, it corresponds to the revival.

  14. Gérald Noir

    very fast delivery. Not that balmy to be on the lips, but perfect for cheeks

  15. Oscar Álvarez

    Do not blow the dovgo trimak, do not wear it, do it very much not at home

  16. Korey Wu

    It’s a deep rosy red type of pinkish color when you blend it out. Not as orange, more pinkish.

  17. Gayla Tincher

    The smell is not intrusive, very convenient to take with you)

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